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50mm Office Partitions 

 A partition wall is a modular wall for the purpose of separating rooms, or dividing a room.
Partition walls are usually non load-bearing. Internal wall partitions also known as office partitioning is made using plasterboard, or different varieties of glass. With toughened or laminated glass options.

Our 50mm office partition uses an aluminum H frame section and a plasterboard honeycomb panel which is both lightweight and cost effective, Which makes this system widely adaptable and flexible in its design.

A solid office partition    an example of a half hight glazed office partition    A mixture of solid and full height glazed office partition

A full height glazed partition with integral blinds      A full height glazed office partition

Our 50mm office partition system also offers a wide variety of designs to cater for all tastes
including full height glazed, half glazed and door head height glazing either below or above
as well as solid partition with the added feature of a durable
colour powder coated finish
available on all our partition systems.

This look can be enhanced by using a comprehensive range of wall coverings from some of the leading manufactures

If you are looking for quick solutions without any fuss this is the office partition system for you

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Tel 0161 737 5284

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