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We can offer a variety of  suspended ceiling systems for both functionality and also pleasing on the eye
with specialist knowledge of all types of suspended ceilings

suspended ceiling system

suspended ceiling in office

Suspended ceilings comprises of a tile and grid combination
which can be adapted to most situations and conditions giving a modular aesthetic look

This type of ceiling can use a wide variety of different systems such as

  • Mineral fibre ceiling tile
  • Metal ceiling tile                                                                    
  • Soft fibre ceiling tile   
  • Linear strip ceiling
  • Concealed /semi concealed ceiling

                        MineralFibre_1_.jpgecophon.jpgLuxalon suspended ceiling

We pride our self on working closely with both architects ,
manufacturers and distributors alike to ensure complete satisfaction for your needs 

From bespoke design to full specification you can be assured of quality with the personal touch

Tel 0161 737 5284

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